Everything about attitude has consumed my thinking for the last 5 weeks, as I toiled to distil and finalise 2 years of contemplation into a manuscript for my next title, The Attitude Book. With the task complete and the summer 2018 publishing date still on plan, my mind continues to bubble up ideas and my ears and eyes are still drawn to anything attitude.

Rather than ignore those thoughts, the next Simple Notes will capture a few ‘Attitude Shifters' that I know I’ll soon wish, were in the next book.

Shifting and upgrading an attitude is almost always a no brainer. You will feel better; people will respond differently to you; your creative subconscious becomes positively more productive. Upgrading your attitude is undeniably tough to sustain if the experience immediately preceding and your expectation of what lies ahead is disempowering and static.

I have observed four core ways in which an attitude can change.

Circumstances – wherever you find yourself impacts your attitude, you'll know soon enough whether it is a fit or not. Where your circumstance is bland or consistent with your current (bad) attitude it simply won't change. Put yourself in a dramatically new situation – new people; new challenges; new environment and the jolt to your existing attitude shifts without you consciously getting involved.

Necessity – here the argument for an attitude shift is irrefutable. You are aware that the attitude you currently hold will not create the result or impact you desire (to keep the same attitude and expect a different result is futile).

Altruism – it is the right thing to do in this context, for those involved, for the greater good. The disconnect between your inner attitude and what is called for in the situation may be marked but the diplomatic importance pulls you through.

Reflection – contemplation and meditation of who you are being and what choices you have – mindfully becoming deliberate in your choice of attitude (irrespective of past, present or future pressures)

This is an escalating state of attitude-evolution, from outside influences through to inner influences.

To utilise this Simple Note, you have a choice:

·        Circumstance: put yourself in situations that jolt you

·        Necessity: insert a pause more often to evaluate you versus your situation

·        Altruism: regularly ask yourself “what is it that this situation needs from me?”

·        Reflection: Wait patiently till June 2018 and read The Attitude Book!

Good luck and keep your attitude simple.