Simon Tyler is qualified coach with over 20 years experience coaching leaders and executives around the world. He provides inspirational and challenging executive coaching to leaders and aspiring leaders. You can connect with him via Wondrous People or by contacting him directly on the Contact page.

Simon’s coaching can be 1:1 or group, by phone or in person, allowing him to work with you wherever you are.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Simon as a coach. He has been an outstanding partner. I think he demonstrates a number of really key strengths: the ability to adapt to the need of the coachee, the ability to flex between behaviour and on tasks, a really deep toolkit of simple tools and techniques to try - breaking challenges down, a great manner which is supportive and stretching. He is also a lot of fun. Through our coaching relationship he has supported me on the core goals that we set out, but also helped me to work on a number of other, related challenges. Simon has a great style, he is extremely supportive and he backs this up with great range of experience and a very broad set of tools and techniques that are simple to put into practice.

impact coaching package

Understand and develop your personal impact code. Unlock it and apply it to your business to gain clarity and sustained, improved impact. Available 1:1 or as a group; 6-12 session package - contact us today for details.

group coaching

Group coaching can liberate the power and potential of each individual and collectively drive forward team performance. Simon provides group coaching sessions for you and your teams and can design a package that meets your needs. If you feel your team would benefit from group coaching then this can be arranged in person or by phone. Different packages can be arranged, depending on the size of your organisation and your needs - we will find the right way for you.

Simon has a unique ability to interpret me as a person and a leader in a way that I have never seen before. He is extraordinary he keeps it simple, effective and light hearted!
— Eva Hamilton MBE, Founder and CEO, Key for Life

one to one coaching

Simon provides coaching by phone and in person and can offer a range of one - to - one packages. A coaching session will usually last for 45-60 minutes and the package will usually initially be 6-10 sessions and can be cancelled with one session’s notice. However, Simon is flexible and will adapt to meet your needs. Coaching relationships can last forever or might only be a few sessions long - we will adapt and find the model that fits you.