Your attitude is a choice that you simply keep making. So choose a good one.

Life hurls all sorts of things at you- sometimes when you least expect it. The people you spend most time with are those that have the most significant impact on your thinking and your attitudes. At work market forces are subject to a range of external factors, so your attitude is subject to testing and differing conditions every day.

In my work preparing the content for “The Attitude Book” I have observed three indicators that attitudes are drifting away from the intended or the desirable. And often we don’t notice these clues until they are abundantly obvious, by which time it can be too late to simply rectify.

Mood Swing – any inkling of a smile has gone from your facial expression and even trying to squeeze a grin seems fake. Happiness has left the building! Miserable may make a visit. This foul-feeling state impacts your reactions and responses, your word choice, your tone and your demeanour.

Irritating Incidences – you are attracting people, events and situations that are aligning with your drop in attitude, reinforcing the path to the attitude-pit. They will be annoying, frown and grimace provoking. You even start to magically attract machinery failure, breakages and misfires.

Flawed Flow – things have slowed down or become clunky and uneven. What should be, and once was, seamless and natural now stalls, demanding huge amounts of concentration and manual intervention.

These three clues soon work in sinister conjunction to accelerate and embed the unwanted attitude. You don’t want this to persist any further.  Spot the signs early as they show up and take deliberate counter-measures immediately:

·        Mood – smile anyway, make someone happy

·        Incidences – recognise and accept them (see #9 Your Very Own CIA in “The Keep It Simple Book”), relax, smile again, shift your focus onto what is working

·        Flow – allow the process to come to a stop, take a break, simplify the process, go back to basics, start again from there

Keep it simple and add a comment when you have made positive corrective action, I’d love to know how you are getting on.


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