Every day there is a constant delivery of new things - people, chances, challenges, information, choices. All of them possibly exciting, potentially uplifting opportunities.

It may feel as if you are stuck on life’s hamster wheel, repeating patterns, but new is there, better is possible, all the time. Sometimes you notice and grasp these passing memes, sometimes you don't.

And yet, particularly at this resolution time of the year, we persist with searching, the desperate craving for new and better things, could this be impairing you? Even when new or better arrives, if it doesn't exactly match the unconscious, artificial nirvana you have created in your mind, we let it go by.

All the time you are on the seeking journey you add stress, doubt, anger and a range of emotions relating to how much you hate your current situation and how much you desperately need new.

Let’s get off this incessant and painful treadmill, now!

Oprah Winfrey brilliantly spoke to this point "Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough."

Here's how to get off the craving path and begin to attract and notice incredible new and better options effortlessly and automatically.

Connect again to what you have right now.

I mean everything.

Your experience, your physical capabilities, your intellectual capacity, your possessions, your connections, the relationships you currently have (irrespective of what you have been telling yourself about them).

List them, right now, on paper.

Stop pining for new, step back into what you have, hug it, cherish it, love it, be it and do it a bit more today. Initially it may feel like you're closing out to new or better, but this is absolutely not the case, just begin to notice what starts to show up.

A unconditional tenet of mine, that has helped me press on through many challenging moments: “Realise and relish what you are and what you have right now, everything”.

In connecting with what you have and noticing it all, especially the bits you have forgotten, it is likely you will immediately feel better. From here things will become easier and simpler and the door to new and better is open.

I repeat again new and better is arriving all the time, on its own, nothing to do with you, stop seeking.

Keep it simple