At this time of year we are often pushing forward new intentions and ways of being, trying to maintain our resolutions (see my previous Simple Note). Change can be hard and sometimes seem difficult to start. When you’re stuck but you recognise positive change is needed – where do you start?

By definition, change is a shift from your current and prevailing circumstances. Change comes as a result of a deliberate and sustained intervention – purposefully by you or (where you have less to do with it) by an external force. Positive change is an evolution in process, it is the only way we can progress.

Over my years as a coach to individuals and teams I have observed progress toward any significant change becomes hindered, slowed or sometimes prevented by the existing situation people find themselves in.

 “Nothing changes until something changes” is a phrase I often espouse and it’s true – change one thing and you instantly create the possibility for other things to change – it’s a universal law! As with the butterfly effect any change in your environments will facilitate a seemingly unconnected change elsewhere.

If you have a desire for things to be different, or have a sense that a change would help you, your team, your company – altering your environments is the easiest way to start the process.

Your current environments have probably been in place for a while, confirming and reinforcing your current state. If you want to make change flow freely and create momentum toward your desired goals then it may be time to alter them.

Explore the following five ‘Environments of You’ and contemplate what can be shifted this week:

·         Your Attitude – a big one for me, I have spoken and written about this for a long while, deliberate new attitudes attract new opportunities.

·         Your Spaces – your work space, your office, your car, your home and possessions (see Simple Note Stuffication). Create spaces and leave them as spaces!

·         Your Consumption – your health and wellbeing, diet, fitness, sleep patterns, development (body, mind and soul), music, entertainment, reading – what you consume influences and mirrors your circumstance.

·         Your Schedule – the ‘accepted’ patterns in your days/weeks/months – be proactive clear out unnecessary, add in new but create spaces.

·         Your Relationships – who do you spend the most or least time with (see The Keep It Simple Book Chapter 47: The Five People Who Influence You the Most)? Who is in your network that drains you? Who can be added that boosts you?

Sameness is the antithesis of the change you deeply desire and deserve – go on, alter your environment. One small change in your environments will instantly create a plethora of possibilities. Don’t wait for change to arrive, start it today.

Keep it Simple.


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