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Just as the clinker gathered on the hull of a boat creates drag, affects maneuverability and slows progress, you and I, inadvertently, do the same. Like the boat's clinker, thoughts, loose ends, odd things that we hold onto, all get stuck in our mental and physical environment. The observed truth is: the amount of clutter in our lives and in our spaces (office and home) can be a reflection of our mental state at that time. 

Having just spent a wonderful few days in Provence with two new friends, Richard and Christina, I was introduced to their version of my observation, that they term as ‘stuffication’. The unconscious process of accumulating and becoming suffocated by stuff.

Through life we hold onto ‘stuff’ that we can’t bring ourselves to move on or dispose of, it might become useful again one day! Stationery, books to be read, emails to be reviewed, paperwork, accessories, irrelevant desk adornments, jam jars, boxes, bags, conference hand-out gifts, dormant loyalty cards, etc. - an unconscious pattern of collecting. The peak of stuffication is when cupboards and desk spaces are covered and bursting. This pattern of collecting has led to intentionless-hoarding.

Apart from the obvious space that is used up, there are further implications for us. The more purposelessness there is to everything around us, the more this affects our own purposefulness. We become attached to this mass of irrelevance which affects our attitude, our ability to simplify and eventually our ability to move!

Stuffication blocks simplicity and obscures your purpose.

Scan your environment, your desk, your cupboards, your desk drawers and notice everything that (honestly) does not carry a current purpose or meet a current need. Move them on. Appreciate what remains for the purpose it serves for you. And then appreciate the spaces you have now created.

It is highly likely that you will, at first, experience a degree of separation anxiety as you detach from your habitually hoarded items. Soon though, you are just as likely to experience a degree of euphoria and relief as the unhindered space you create permits clarity of mind!

Always be open and be ready to take steps to simplify. It will serve you well every time.

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