When you are holding onto an emotion, particularly one that is only partially thought through, it can sit there clogging your free flowing attitude. Even though it may seem not to be near the surface of your thinking it will be leaking into your mood and the rest of your thoughts.

Have you met people whose tone (and attitude) seems a little off, out of kilter with the moment? They may not even be able to articulate why - often rationalising it as simply ‘feeling a bit off’- without realising the words they speak and the decisions they make are tainted by the blocked bad energies, leading to unintended impact and results.

Incomplete thoughts, frustrations and loose ends use up energy. In practice they are never parked or stored for later thinking, they linger and are affect your attitude set-up, all the time. As more of them accumulate, your attitude will shift, at first imperceptibly, but then become tough to re-align and shift. It probably feels rubbish.

You are ready to expunge!

As annoying and undesirable as it would seem, it may be time to schedule a regular expunging process.

Create the space in your day to sit quietly and list your ‘incompletes’. Sometimes simply making the list nudges the thoughts to move on; to inspire a next-step action or to release them. But some of the heavier, more involved and complex part-thoughts require the next level of work.

When I have sensed there are such things just below the surface with a client, I invite them to speak up, untangle them and bluntly state what they would really like to do or say or make happen, to get the thoughts and related emotions moving again. Grizzle, growl, express what you'd really want to do. It doesn’t necessarily mean actually saying or doing those things, just expunging!

When the thoughts are given this space to uncoil, be heard and reflected upon, new thoughts begin and cleaner decisions can be formed. And, the previously blocked partial-thoughts can be released much more easily.

You are highly unlikely to be able to do this alone. Find a coach, a trusted colleague, a mentor or at least a new page in your journal to work this through.

Don’t wait for the thoughts to sort themselves out. Stop littering your attitude with stuff… expunge!

Good luck and keep it simple.