Attitude has been central on my radar for a long while now, in preparing the content for The Attitude Book and on into the talks and coaching I have undertaken focusing on its power to change things.

As such I am alerted to any reference to attitude in the media and in conversations everywhere I go. This week two stories grabbed my attention – James Cracknell’s triumph in the Boat Race ( and Rory McIlroy’s preparation for the Masters ( ).

In taking part and being on the winning team in this year’s University Boat Race he became the oldest ever competitor, and that is in spite of incredible challenges – physically and emotionally- he has faced in the last 10 years. He is a natural competitor gifted with the ability to find a determined focus that eludes many, but what I notice is his ability to hold, renew and refuel his attitude throughout the challenging years. (I also noted some introspection about what else is important beyond just a finish line-type goal!).

McIlroy’s new attitude boosting regime has transformed his start to the new golf season. In slight contrast to Cracknell, he is meditating and developing his mindfulness, focusing on the small things, letting go of the intense grip on results. And he stated, a quote that obviously excited me, “A change of attitude has been one of the biggest keys to how I’ve played for the first few months of the year”.

These two stories illustrate the blend and balance between gritty determination and being in calm flow. Both can exist at the same time. For you and me, simplified, it’s about three elements:

Focus – on want you want to move toward (rather than what you want to get), design and clarify (often) your intention

Turn Up – show up, be the best version of you in all activities, develop your strengths with ease and joy

Accept – whatever shows up, let it be, cease the resistance and complaining, start again and let it go or make it part of your next stage

I talk through these elements in different ways and from different angles throughout The Attitude Book, my event speeches and in many Simple Notes and have subsequently noticed how attention in any one of the three can cause a positive boost in attitude thus meaning good things happen!

Mark out a quiet moment and consider your three. Renew, start again and let your new powerful attitude arise and carry you onward.

Keep it simple and let me know how you get on.


PS – Another inspiring story that totally evidences the three elements I describe is that of a local young cricketer I know well who was involved in a car accident whilst working and playing cricket in Australia. His injuries would devastate many, but Billy has found an attitude and determination that is driving his long slow recovery ( ), his story continues to inspire through his twitter (@B_cookson95) and YouTube reports ( ).