Have you ever noticed times when you feel at your physical and mental peak and times when you are not? Have you considered the times in the day or week when you are a more or less creative thinker or able to work at higher or lower intensity? When your concentration in meetings or your communication with colleagues is better or worse?

Until you do, you may be holding expectations and demands that are too high, setting yourself up for disappointment, fatigue and the ensuing attitude drop.

In my work I often notice the peaks and troughs in clients’ energy levels. Yet still I see them placing unwavering pressure on themselves to deliver the same tasks to the same high quantity and quality whether they are at their best or not.

What might be the peak and off-peak version of yourself? This could be in terms of your attitude, energy levels or behaviour. Observing and learning more about these can bring even more of your value to the fore.

There are likely to be recurring times during a day when biologically you are at your best and other times when you are at lower ebbs (physically, emotionally and mentally). This may be linked to nutrition, environments, other people or just you.

The first step, as often, is to observe yourself – notice the patterns at play and then begin testing yourself. The two tests are simple:

a)     Identify and trial your peak-times of day that you push yourself to the limits, get involved in deeper and demanding work, relationship building, inspiring others, challenging boundaries. You can concentrate and hold focus for long periods of time (30 to 60 minutes). These are the times when your natural positive attitude can shine and be in full effect, helping perpetuate your energy demands.

Notice when your peak-time begins to wane and start to address your schedule accordingly.

b)     Identify and trial your off-peak times to schedule more appropriate activities, lower demanding tasks, that require shorter bursts of focus (2-5 minutes), which you can fulfil easily in this lower energy mode. These are the times when you are gentler with yourself and your attitude.

Take some time out after these off-peak times and refresh/boost your attitude (walk, gym, shower, read a chapter from The Attitude Book!).

Simply match your day and week with your peak-times and allow your natural reserves of energy to be put to use, let the new results flow!


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