You were born unique, the original and only version of you, with a particular set of attributes and abilities. You are subconsciously drawn to certain things. You see, interpret and process things your way, you think and feel the way that only you do.

You are a full set of quirks - a “quirk-set” - fully or partly developed. Are some of your quirks masked, through fear of standing out? What might happen if you were to flaunt your quirks?

What you currently deem to be your oddness, and may have been cautiously holding back night be just what the world needs, what your team need, what your people need, what you need.

Like many in the world of personal development and evolution, I observe, intuit and explore what may lie dormant in the “quirk-set” of everyone I meet. Part of a coach’s role is to help clients be all they could be and often, for me, this can be to “call out the quirks”. In finding and refining expressions of individualism and ultimately bringing the best out of someone, great things happen.

Life is better, for all of us, when our whole selves are free to be. However, having observed and reflected upon British schooling (my own and that of my three children); the challenges of parenting; the high expectation in career pathways; the demands and foibles of corporate cultures, I notice how quirks become diminished, suppressed or lost completely as people unconsciously ‘normalise’.

In coaching dialogues and in some of my talks I present the journey from Discovering to Hiding to Conforming to Rediscovery through Finessing and ultimately to Flaunting your quirks. In travelling the journey:

-          You will find greater meaning in everything in which you are involved

-          You are more likely to reveal answers to the eternal questions of ‘why am I here?’ and ‘what is my purpose?’ 

-          You will have greater impact

-          Your people will find you and will follow you

-          You will be in-tune with and guided more clearly by your intuition

How to start? Ponder the questions:

·         What have I held back over the years?

·         What differences (about me) have I suppressed or constrained?

·         What do I really want to do (or be) in some situations that I don’t?

·         What do people say about me across the breadth of my world (friends, family, colleagues, associates etc.)

·         What do I really consider to be the best of me? My individualism? My quirks?

Sit with these questions and the thoughts they provoke for a few days and let the exploration, rediscovery and flaunting begin. Meet with a trusted-friend and agree to call-out each other's quirks and celebrate them. When you’re ready take it to the next stage, engage a coach to accept and finesse your quirks.

Quirk Integrity Warning: You can do and be anything you want, as long as it doesn’t prevent anyone else from doing or being the same. Be a force for good.

If you want more ideas, guidance or inspiration on how to be the greatest version of yourself then check out “The Should Shift” chapter in “The ‘Impact’ Book” and the 3-4-3 chapter in “The ‘Keep It Simple’ Book”.

As always, keep it simple.


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