Many of the dialogues I have had with coaching clients have been about their career, its direction and progress to bigger, better and greater fulfillment.

HR Departments focus on talent but, understandably, the drivers are business- based not necessarily ‘you- based’. I often hear that securing that great role or experiencing fast track promotion can be the result of nothing more than a fortunate combination of timing and luck.

Whilst there may be some truth in this, how can you maximise the positive impact of these uncontrollable forces? Through years of coaching conversations, I have distilled four career accelerators that are in your control and, when attended to, increase the likelihood of timing and luck acting favourably for you.

Coaches – at the core of your career is the discovery of ‘What do you want?’, ‘What excites you?’, ‘What are you drawn to?’, ‘What do you enjoy?’, ‘What are you good at?’, ‘What do people admire about you?’ These questions identify your passions and purposes. These questions will never be fully answered as internal dialogue only - coaching conversations are crucial explorations that lead you to a more defined purpose, and ultimately to take inspired action that you may otherwise would not.

Mentors – conversations that take thinking to new places, with people who have achieved or have experienced life and work challenges or people you respect and admire.  Without these conversations your worldview may remain where it is or be doubtful and limited. With them possibilities expand, dreams are ignited.

Sponsors – develop relationships with colleagues, peers, seniors. Executive sponsors will talk well of you, mention you, put you forward for opportunities. Sponsors are also at similar and junior levels to you. Be the best version of yourself every day, manage your brand, enhance your Impact and your Attitude – win sponsors as you go about your work.

Networks – there’s a correlation between the number of people that know you, know what you are about and what you intend and the speed with which it becomes a reality. Connect widely, have reasons to stay in touch. Work your schedule; put yourself in situations, locations and events to meet people; carry business cards. Through enhancing your presence and impact and finessing what you have to say and offer you will become natural and authentic to your networks.

In developing your activity within each of these four accelerators your career journey will be boosted. The additional bi-products of enhancing each accelerator are greater confidence and resilience.

Keep it simple


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