There is so much noise. Traffic, conversations, the buzz of a pc or other office machinery, always on music through iPods or internet channels. Then the most challenging noise of all, that inner talk, half thoughts, emotional blurt-outs and even second-thoughts.

The ability to concentrate on more than one concious thought is more of a challenge today than ever before. I have noticed attention spans (the purest, alert, creative and aware type) in professional business people reducing to just a few minutes. And yet, the demands on them, real or self-imposed, are to ‘stay-on’ for 1, 2 or more hours. It simply isn’t working, and not accessing the immense power of each and every one of them.

Yes, business life is fast paced, decisions need to be made, information assimilated, messages delivered, people influenced. Today’s leaders are feeling the strain as more often a decision is not quite right, information is missed, messages are poorly thought through, and influence is diminished.

Now more than ever is time to work on this and reactivate the skills and creativity that resides in the quieter part of our mind.

There are many techniques I have found, been taught, and experimented with, and through this blog I’ll send them to you for your own trials. Your thinking needs more space to think, space to allow new thoughts and ideas to form, space to listen, watch and notice what’s going on. And we aren’t necessarily talking about hours here, you can start this process of change with just a few moments. Here are a few starters:

In Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artist’s Way’ she suggests starting each day by writing 3 pages (just write, don’t judge it, don’t even read it, just write).

Pause – count to 2 (to yourself, not outloud) before answering, or contributing a comment. This is sufficient time for your brain to consider your comment and shift away from a ‘reaction’ to a considered ‘response’

Breathe – twice a day take a moment to breathe in, hold and breathe out, slowly. Repeat 10 times and notice how your state will change, away from anxious, tense, angry, stressed or concerned.

And of course a dialogue with a coach is a great way to create a quiet space in a noisy day. Good luck and ask me for more.

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