This is chapter 7 from The Attitude Book and I’ve chosen this one to share with you as it’s a great up-lifter at any time, but particularly when we are in a time of great anxiety, difficulties or negativity, times when I observe people entrenching and retracting – in essence, doing less for others. This is when we can feel that everything has become a little heavy going on our own.

Some years ago I was a member of a networking group – BNI – the philosophy of which was underpinned by the repeatedly used phrase “Givers Game” which was to give, give, give, and to foster a sense of giving and in such giving - we gained.

Irrespective of how you are wired, this action has a hit which benefits you and others.

This is one of the shorter chapters in The Attitude Book which I love, but I would expand it today and talk more about connections within that kindness and the productivity benefits that it evokes. How kindness is itself a core attitude and one we should unquestionably put at the front of our perspective. Creating acts of kindness in our everyday transforms the way we see the world and the way the world sees us, it creates a trigger that immediately ripples around us.


 Random acts of kindness have often been recognised as spreading good vibes and changing the mood and feeling in the environments within which the act took place. Most notably where the opposite feelings may have prevailed.

Over my years as a coach, with individuals and teams, I have observed the power of such acts and taken the technique to another level, witnessing the positive affect on the attitude of those involved.

Outrageous Acts of Kindness (OAK):

a)      Go beyond what would be helpful (let many into a queue of traffic, finish another’s uncompleted task, give a gift) Anonymously.

b)      Move on, letting go of the action you just took.

c)       Repeat (three-a-week).

Initially you may feel empty and wish someone had noticed and acknowledged your act. After a few days, you will begin to experience the serotonin sparking, euphoric positive kick from planting seeds of OAK.

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