Nothing stays the same. Everything is changing.

That is sad and upsetting but at the same time, liberating and exciting.

Relationships are always in transition. Emotions are always on the move.

When we grasp and grip on a situation or an emotion we can delude ourselves that there is permanence. Ascribing the word ‘stuck’ can hem us in, but it is never true, something is always in the process of change.

Of those I have met and worked with in my career that are enjoying life and achieving their version of success, I notice that they are more in flow with their impermanent state.

Of those that I have met that face more frequent challenges, experience above average fatigue, more than their fair share of arguments and disagreements, obstacles and blockages, I notice that they are out of alignment with the impermanence around them.

But for most, there is a shift between these two states, sometimes in an accepting flow, sometimes in reluctant acceptance, sometimes in resistance!

I challenge you to relish impermanence this week. Easier to do in less favourable situations, more difficult when the situation feels great (that too is impermanent!). Enjoy (or not) the moment and then let it pass.

Become aware of, and recalibrate your attitude. To quote Rudyard Kipling from his poem “If” - “If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same…”

As you become better at this skill the easier it will become and the more open and ready you will be for the next opportunity or challenge, twist or turn.

Keep it simple and let it go!


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