Are your current fears really true? Are they actually as bad, intense, busy, overwhelming, difficult and complicated as you are telling yourself (repeatedly, and often unconsciously)?

It just might not be true, but feels enough like it could be for you to persist with the thought and the ensuing attitude that it triggers.

I often notice I am entangled in one of my own fake truths when my mood has gone awry. I’m grumpy, grouchy or grizzly and energy levels are drained. At this point it is too tough to just think my way through and out of the fug!

Call a brief halt, grab a pen and paper, step aside, go somewhere away from ‘the action’. Give yourself that time out. What are you actually carrying as your current truth? Write it down, describing as best you can your current predicament and experience.

I’m sure there is enough supportive evidence for you to put down your pen and carry on, but for the sake of this Simple Note, pause and contemplate what else might be true? Could there be counter evidence? How much of your experience is of your own interpretation? Write it down, the best you can, the counter evidence and pause again.

What ‘truth’ would you prefer, honestly? How would you prefer to work today? What version of you would you want to show up today?

If you act chaotically you will absolutely prove to your self that chaos is all around you. If you wear a frown most days and grit your teeth, most events you encounter will be consistent with this mask set. Change it, it might not be true!

Imploringly, keep it simple


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